Can I buy your books locally?


Here is a full list of where they are stocked in the US and Canada.

Are your books available internationally? 


You can have them shipped from my publisher by ordering here. They are also available via Amazon International, and are stocked at stores in select countries. Please check your local bookseller.

Are your books on Audible?

Some are, others are available exclusively from Apple Books. 

There was an issue with my order, how do I get it corrected?

Please reach out to orders@shopcatalog.com for all related issues.

Can I place a wholesale purchase, or stock your books in my store?


Please send an email to my publisher to place your order.

Are you available to speak at my business/event?

I accept select speaking opportunities throughout the year. 

Please email info@briannawiest.com to inquire.

Do you do 1:1 mentoring?

I mentor a handful of writers throughout the year. Potential candidates can email me here and share what they'd like to achieve by working together. You will be added to a waitlist and I will reach out when I have an opening.