Brianna Wiest is a writer and partner at The Thought & Expression Co., a New York based media company that houses the writing platform Thought Catalog, publishing house Thought Catalog Books, digital boutique Shop Catalog, and advertising agency The Thought Catalog Agency.  


Brianna is the author of the books The Truth About Everything, The Human Element, Salt Water: Poems On Healing & Wholeness, The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self Mastery, and the bestselling essay collection 101 Essays that Will Change The Way You Think, all of which were published by Thought Catalog Books and are distributed internationally.

Brianna's work has been featured on or reviewed by NBC News, Cosmopolitan, PANK Magazine, WGN Chicago, HuffPost Live, LNP, The Farmingdale Observer, The Elvis Duran Show, and other national programs. She has written for dozens of publications including The Huffington Post, USA Today, Teen Vogue, Allure, Medium, and Forbes, where she was a senior contributor.


Brianna is currently based in Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband.


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